Originally from India, now residing in Melbourne, I am Komal Sharma, a self-taught artist. After creating over 2200 paintings, I have finally discovered my true artistic calling. My journey has led me to a profound connection with animals, realizing the invaluable lessons we can learn from them. They are in the present moment, free from the complexities of human thought.

I invite viewers to explore the profound simplicity of the present moment through the unfiltered gaze of these creatures. Through my paintings, I delve into the concept that animals experience the world in a state of pure presence.

By contemplating the essence of existence through the lens of an animal's perception, my objective is to foster a deeper understanding of mindfulness and presence. I hope to prompt reflection on how we, as humans, can learn from the undivided awareness of animals.

Make a difference together!

Join us in supporting a great cause and making a difference together! Percentage of profits from artwork/commissions will be shared with "The Lost Dogs Homes", helping over 18,000 dogs and cats each year. 

Pet Portrait Commision 

Please send me a picture of your pet and I can create a custom painting for you. I can deliver it in Australia within 2 weeks.

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